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Limited time re-release until 4/20 Mr. Kayo who is sex earlier than child care early. Despite having a husband, he seems to hunt in the city for a man .... Today's shooting has also been done by the husband official, is a kind of play already? What kind of odious sex you actually show, I hope you see

期間限定再公開 4/20 まで お早めに育児よりセックスだという奥様、加代さん。旦那がいるのにも関わらず、男を求めて街に狩りに繰り出すそうです…。今日の撮影も旦那公認でやって来ちゃって、もうプレイの一種!? 果たしてどんないやらしいセックスを見せてくれるのか、乞うご期待